Get Involved

Want to find out more about your child’s development?

We are currently offering an exciting opportunity for children who do not have a history of learning differences, depression, anxiety, or attention problems. If your child is eligible, we will do a number of tasks to assess your child’s cognitive strengths. We hope that findings from this study will help us better understand the neural mechanisms underlying dyslexia. 

Can we take part?

We are looking for typically developing children, preferably between the ages of 7-16, who do not have a history of learning differences, anxiety, depression, or attention problems. Your child must be able to have an MRI done to participate in our study.

If you are currently seeking an evaluation for whether your child or an adult has dyslexia, please refer to our Resources webpage. 

What will we be asked to do?

First, apply here ( ) or get in touch with one of our research coordinators. You will be asked to fill out a few questionnaires at home, or over the phone. Then you will be asked to come to the UCSF campus for your child to complete a short screen. If eligible for the study, they will receive an MRI and additional cognitive testing.

What’s in it for us?

Participants can earn up to $425 in compensation, a picture of their brain, and a report of the academic and neuropsychological testing results. Parking will also be compensated.

Other Research Opportunities

See the work of the UCSF | UC Berkeley Schwab Dyslexia and Cognitive Diversity Center for more information on applied research and resources, including opportunities for your child's research participation.