Second-Language Learning


Here at the center, we have started a large-scale neuroimaging study in 2015 looking at how children learning two (or more) languages learn to read from kindergarten to 3rd grade. Our efforts will initially include Spanish and Chinese speakers learning to read in English and their native languages (= English Learners, ELs), and Englishspeakers learning to read in English as well as Spanish or Chinese.

The theoretical goal is to test and evaluate models of literacy acquisition. In addition, we will study the impact that learning multiple languages may have on cognition such as executive functions and academic skills such as math. We ultimately hope to support teachers to develop instructional strategies to maximize ELs’ success in the classroom and beyond.



Please contact Dr. Fumiko Hoeft at [email protected] for more information.

This project is funded by NIH R01HD078351 (PI: Fumiko Hoeft).