Partner Organizations

Schwab Learning Center, Stanford University

The Schwab Learning Center (SLC) is part of the Student Affairs department at Stanford University, and focuses on student strengths and innovative tools to address student needs. SLC is designed to reflect current priorities in the fields of Dyslexia, ADHD, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and research on the neuroscience of learning.

Haskins Laboratories, Yale University

Haskins Laboratories (President: Kenneth Pugh, PhD), located in New Haven, Connecticut, is a world-renowned research institute that focuses on the biological bases of speech, language, and reading.

The Dyslexia Foundation

The Dyslexia Foundation (TDF) is a non-profit dedicated to the identification and assistance of children with dyslexia.

Education and Brain Sciences Research Lab, Vanderbilt Kennedy Program

The Education and Brain Sciences Research Lab (Director: Laurie Cutting, PhD) at Vanderbilt University is a top-notch facility dedicated to the investigation of the neural correlates of learning.