Funding and In-Kind Donations

Funding for the UCSF Dyslexia Center comes from several sources. We would like to thank these individuals and groups for generously supporting the Dyslexia Center.

Sonia Arrison & Aydin Senkut

Battery Powered

Boon Philanthropy

Kelly Gorman and Steve Carnevale

Charles Armstrong School

Dan and Stacey Case Family Foundation

Lauri and Ray DePole, Jr.

James & Holly Farrell

Flora Family Foundation

Thomas and Eva Fong Foundation

Mike and Lauren Gordon

Brian and Elena Keating

Paul & Charlene Mercadente

Mason & Anna Morfit

Anne and Jack Moses

Diane Greene & Mendel Rosenblum

Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation

Sebastian Scripps

Beth Springer

Josh & Jenny Stein

The Archer Foundation


UCSF Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

UCSF Memory and Aging Center