Applying the laboratory to the classroom, the UCSF Dyslexia Center will offer California educators a free new tool to tailor teaching to every child’s strengths and learning differences. Multitudes will be a comprehensive platform that connects neuroscience research at the University of California with the needs of California public school teachers, parents, and kids. We know kids learn best when they can learn by building on their individual strengths. Multitudes helps educators quickly identify strengths, assess risk for dyslexia and related learning challenges, support literacy, use resources effectively, and help all students thrive.

Project Overview

This California State-funded project aims to better identify students at high risk of dyslexia by piloting a dyslexia screening and early intervention application to be used in public elementary schools. Ultimately, the screener will become part of a larger, integrated screening and intervention platform connected to an ongoing basic science and translational research program, able to provide curriculum support, train educators on potential educational interventions and ongoing research, and collect and organize data for reporting on outcomes.

Here is an article about California Gov. Gavin Newson's own struggle with Dyslexia growing up in The Sacramento Bee:
Dyslexia traumatized Gavin Newsom as a child. Here’s how aides say it affects him as governor

Fall Study Update

In the first 15 weeks of our study, we have begun to partner with 30 schools in 16 towns and cities across California. Over 1000 kindergarten and first-grade students have participated in our study. Many scientists, educators, administrators, engineers, and artists have come together to launch our study in ways that prioritize inclusiveness, precision, scientific validity, and effectiveness for all Californians. We are grateful to all our collaborators in schools, districts, community-based organizations, the California state government, and partner universities who have made our progress possible.

15 Weeks

30 Schools

16 Towns, cities, and other geographic locations

1000+ California kindergarten and first-grade students


Yuba City & Pleasanton

San Anselmo


Mill Valley